image Wunsa Cleveland

Nothing to say but keep pushing

image Rashawn BestFran

Since being with this Fraternity I have gained a good support group of men who challenge me but with love. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of brothers.

image Jeremy Jonas

Excellent group of men focused on supporting the Military and surrounding communities.

image Tiera The

I provided a presentation to the Fraternity on VA Compensation. The Fraternity was very helpful with getting me set up. I look forward with working with them again in the future.

image Jordan lent

Definitely a great brotherhood. Being able to share my military experiences with fellow servicemen and giving back to the community is near to my heart

image Mi'key D. Reese Sr.

happy to be apart of the pack

image DeAnthony Summerville

True brotherhood and meaning to a frat. Wouldn't have it any other way. Strength within my brothers.

image Tressa Colette Rivera

True brotherhood built on helping all veterans

image Jistis St Jovian

the bond they have. link up!!!

image Chad Morken

Brothers of the Never Ending Oath Banding togethere