Q:What are the prerequisites needed to apply?

A: The applicant needs at least two years of HONORABLE service in any branch of service.

Q:I'm not Active Duty may I still apply?

A:Yes we take all service status i.e. Guard, Reserve, Retired, Veteran. Must have at least two years of honorable service.

Q: I'm currently deployed or OCONUS may I still apply?

A: Yes, you can still apply. 

Q: How long is the intake process?

A: The intake process is six weeks and upon the completion of journey week (week 6) you will be expected to be in person for a Crossing Weekend which includes a Ritualization, Wilderness Night, and Promotion Ceremony.

Q: What fees am I expected to pay?

A: Your initial intake fee is $400 which covers you for a year. After your initial year, you will be expected to pay yearly dues the annual dues amount will be given upon completion of the Enlistment of Brotherhood.

Q: Am I required to purchase anything during the intake process?

A: Upon competition of the intake process the following items need to be purchased if you don't have them already: Navy blue tailored suit, white dress shirt, navy blue self-tie bowtie, brown shoes, all white V-Neck t-shirt, and travel arrangements for the crossing weekend.

Q: What can I use as proof of service?

A: You can use a current LES or orders as proof of service. However, a DD-214 is the method for all veterans. 

Q: What happens after I submit my application?

A: Someone from the Membership Committee will review and accept or reject your application within 72 hours. After your application is approved you then move to the interview process.

Q: Do I need to provide letters of recommendation?

A: Yes, two letters of recommendation are required with application. It is preferred one letter be a personal reference and the other letter should be business related. However, if you were referred by a brother of the fraternity the business letter is waived and the applicant only needs to provide the personal reference from the recommending brother.

Q: Will I be hazed during the process?

A: At no point during or after intake will you be hazed, demoralized, profanity be directed at you, provoked, put in danger or forced to question your values.