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HIV/AIDS Research & Awareness 

HIV/AIDS Research & Awareness

Theta Nu Psi was privileged to donate $500 to amFAR to assist with research to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. This epidemic affects both the veteran and civilian community. Pictured are members of the "District Kings" as well as the Vice President of Public Policy & Deputy from amFAR.

Werewolf (Veteran Assistance)

Much like the mythological man with the ability to shape-shift into a wolf, the men of Theta Nu  Psi live by the code that positive outreach and community involvement can shape-shift the  world for the better. Our Werewolves Program plays an important role in the health and vitality  of our local communities. With this program we strive to assist homeless/displaced veterans by private initiatives, focusing on bettering the quality of life. To inquire about assistance via the program, visit our “Contact Us” page.

The Kings donated $500 to a Veteran Home located in the DMV as a part of their Werewolf program.

PACK the Packs

Our "Pack the Packs" program is used to honor our members of the armed forces that are  currently serving by providing care packages filled with goodies and basic necessities that may not be accessible down range. Are you deploying or do you know of a unit that’s going down? Would you like to receive care packages for you and your troops?

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