Theta Nu Psi Military Fraternity Inc. is predicated on the fundamentals of brotherhood, unity, diversity and service. Those seeking membership do not have to possess these fundamentals but they undoubtedly have to be willing to use the path laid to guide them to these fundamentals as a brother of Theta Nu Psi. As the Originators laid forth this path, they stated: "those men who exemplify the capacity to be the premier all around man are those we accept into our fraternal passage".

As members of the armed forces past and present, we understand the uniformed selection process. Theta Nu Psi has outlined a comprehensive guide to those seeking membership. It is with keeping the highest honor of the fraternity that we select those men who apply attention to detail and duty to process. Theta Nu Psi, are men of community and commitment, so as a member of this organization we will always do our diligence in serving the personal community and military community. A brotherhood where you are developed personally and professionally, Theta Nu Psi has constructed a state of the art process to help build those Men into Theta Men.

Theta Nu Psi Military Fraternity is a non-hazing fraternity, we vow to never belittle, disrespect, or harm any men of this organization or any men actively participating in the intake process. You will be instructed on hazing and harassment throughout your time in this organization. As with the secrecy of our letters, you will earn your Keep in this fraternity. There are requirements throughout your intake process that will require time, effort and creativity.

Grand National Membership Director